Saturday, November 21, 2015

Neuropathic joint disease

Hey everyone!

Today, I felt like sharing random things that I learnt today. It's about neuropathic joint disease - Destructive joint disease due to loss of pain and proprioception.

Neuropathic joint resembles osteoarthritis (Osteophytes, loose bodies, loss of articular cartilage, etc.)

I couldn't think of neuropathic joint disease as  a differential today because I was so caught up in osteoarthritis!

The distribution of joint involvement depends on the underlying neurologic disorder.
Tabes dorsalis: Hip, knee, ankle.
Syringomyelia: Glenohumeral joint, elbow, wrist.
Diabetes: Tarsal and tarsometatarsal joint.

This is a major clue. The joint distribution.

Diabetes mellitus is the most common cause of Charcot's joint.

Other causes of Charcot's joint include yaws, leprosy, Charcot Mary Tooth disease and meningomyelocele.

That's all!

I cannot feel, what is real..

- IkaN

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