Thursday, November 5, 2015

Submissions: Indications of removing nasogastric tube post op mnemonic

What are the indications for removing NG tube post operation:

They're 4 P's!

1. Peristalsis achieved
2. Passage of flatus

3. Patient peckish
4. Paucity of Aspiration

This mnemonic was made by Adnan Arif. Keep sending these along, Adnan!



  1. hi ikan.
    read abt u and ur awesome medical info..its simply amazing or i shud say u r a genious.. glad to read and come across this awesome blog spot.
    i really need ur help here
    i too am a medical student and i am asked to do a research work on any topic tht shud give a literature review followed by an analysis to answer a question within the topic.
    now i am really confused i really need u to give me some examples..
    i am much interested in endocrinology, so cud it b diabetes or thyroid.. yes i am actually asking u a qn here :-) without the qn mrks -.-
    ha ha so plz it wud b very generous of u to give me a good topic =D.. i know its my work but m all lost :(
    i mainly need to know what qn do i need to answer within the topic " diabetes "
    may b i didnt get the actual meaning behind it.. so if u cud make it a little simple for me.. tht wud jus save my life
    thank you
    awaiting ur response..
    <3 - ikan fan ;)
    hi plz reply..

    1. I've replied to you on the study group index page and I reply everyone when I get the time, please don't copy paste the same comment on multiple posts.

  2. thank you soo much.. and sorry abt tht.. i jus tot may b u didnt receive tht msg
    sorry again


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