Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 is going to be awesome, I promise.

Happy new year everyone!

I hope you have a great year ahead.
May you succeed in all good you do and may all your dreams come true.

This post comes under "Author's diary" label so, disclaimer, I am not writing any academic information in this blog. I am going to be an open book and tell you about my year and what I learnt from it :)

So... Here's IkaN's 2015 year in review.

We made our first study group on Whatsapp in Jan 2015.
What I learnt through the study groups: The world is HUGE and each and everyone out there is awesome in their own way! I connected with hundreds of international medical students and got to know their stories - How political instability and war hampered studies for some, how difficult recovery from being suicidal can be, how society can make someone who is gay want to leave their country. Everyone is fighting. Every one of you is a survivor. You inspire me with something new everyday. Thank you for everything.

I started my internship year in Feb 2015.
What I learnt through Internship (Or house job): Some days it's going to be a piece of cake, some days you will want to cry. It's okay. You are growing and becoming something better than you were yesterday. Let it shape you. Let the 48+ hour shifts kill you. It's okay to feel bad about a patients death contrary to what others expect you to do - To not feel bad about it, to be a robot. Sometimes, you are going to diagnose severe bronchitis and make life saving calls. Other times, you are just going get a report from the lab. Remind yourself that no job is small. Be patient with yourself when you are unable to find a vein. You'll learn, slowly. Don't carry a lazy, grumpy or arrogant attitude to work. Be polite, be humble, be hard working. Be brilliant at whatever you do.

Mid year, I had a bitter realization that I might not be able to go to the US for further studies.
What I learnt: When things don't seem to work out, we need to begin again. I was really upset about it but I didn't let it define me. I got over it and started preparing for post graduation in my home country (PG CET in India). Realize that some things may not work out the way you planned them. If there are things and circumstances that you can not control, you know there's no way out and that you have done everything you could - Let go and find a new dream. It's not the end of the world.

By the end of the year, unexpected doors opened. (Yes, I am dreaming of residency in the states again! :D )
What I learnt: Miracles happen. Silent prayers get answered. Dreams come true. That's what faith can do. Faith? Faith in yourself - That you can survive no matter what your circumstances. That you are a warrior. Faith in the higher power, if you believe in one. Maybe I just got lucky. But regardless of luck, I was willing to give my best at life. I was ready to bloom wherever planted. I think that's what counts the most.

Other things from 2015:
I co-authored a book. It's called Immunowesome and will be out in 2016.
4 new authors at Medicowesome :D
Created a broadcast list and a Facebook  group.
Many, many guest authors and contributions! You guys are amazing.
Set up a Tee shirts, mugs and accessories store on Society6.

Travel diaries:
- Visited Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh - Met a Medicowesome reader during the trip (It was awesome meeting you and I would love to meet all of you someday!)
- Traveled to Dubai to meet my parents and spent New Years here. The fireworks were grand. I saw a lady sleeping in her hospital scrubs in the metro. Medical students are the same everywhere. (Sleepless and cute xD ) 
- Practiced in a rural area near Mumbai. The village people live nice, simple and healthy lives.
- Visited Iraq. People of Iraq are beautiful, contrary to what the media portrays. Saw a child with Epidermolysis bullosa. Language wasn't a barrier while communicating with the people. 

So.. That's enough of me living in the past.

Things to do next year:
Make better study timetables.
Be grateful. 
Live in the moment today. Tomorrow is not promised.
Exercise regularly. It gives you endorphins.
Read the instructions carefully.
Be less anxious about the uncertain future.
Share more knowledge. Write more blogs.
Watch through glittering eyes. See the best in every creation.
Have more faith in people.
Don't let anyone make love small or light to you.
Be patient. Nothing good gets away.
Believe in yourself.
Transform into a wonderful person.

Maybe it's just a change in date. Maybe not.

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