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Mnemonic for the layers of the skin (Epidermis)

Hey guys! 

Here's an easy mnemonic to remember the layers of the epidermis and some other fun facts.

The Epidermis consists of 5 layers (From base to top)

- Stratum basale
- Stratum spinosum
- Stratum granulosum
- Stratum lucidum
- Stratum corneum


Top to Bottom:
Come Lets Get Sun Burnt                                            
Bottom to Top:
Britney Spears Glows Like Candy (If  you like her!)
Britney Spears Grows Like Cancer (If you don't like her :P )

Stratum Basale (as it is the basal layer) :
Columnar epithelial cells. 
These cells multiply and produce the keratinocytes which move up the layers. 
Melanocytes are present in this layer which produce melanosome (melanin packed in granules) and ship them to the keratinocytes in other layers  through their dendrites. 

Stratum Spinosum / prickle cell layer (contains desmosomal bridges which look like spines.) :
Polygonal cells.
Connected to each other by the aforementioned desmosomal bridges.

Stratum Granulosum (contain keratohyaline granules) :
Diamond shaped cells. 
Granules contain protein filaggrin (filament aggregation) which is responsible for the aggregation of keratin filaments. 

Stratum Lucidum:
Flat cells. 
Present only in palms and soles.
Epidermis in rest of the body has only 4 layers.

Stratum Corneum (horny layer) :
Most superficial layer. 
Cells are fully keratinised and end up as anucleate dead cells which later desquamate. 

Basale, spinosum and granulosum together are called as the living layer. 
Corneum is called as the dead layer. 

Dermis consists of the superficial papillary dermis and the deep reticular dermis.

Fun facts:
Skin is the largest organ in the body.
Keratin is synthesised in the Spinosum layers but accumulates in the granulosum layer.
The migration of cells from basal layer to desquamation is known as the Turn over Time which is normally 4-5 weeks.
Merkel cells(sensory end organ) present in the basal layer are responsible for the touch sensation.

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