Monday, January 4, 2016

Review questions and mnemonic on drug induced pancreatitis

(This was discussed in our study group)

Some review questions on drug induced pancreatitis!

Which diuretics can lead to pancreatitis?

Thiazides and furosemide

Which Antiretroviral drugs can lead to pancreatitis?

Didanosine and stavudine

Which antibiotics can lead to pancreatitis?

Metronidazole and tetracyclines

Seizure med leading to pancreatitis?


Immunosuppressive drugs leading to pancreatitis?

L asparaginase

Ok the last one.. Drugs for treatment of IBD leading to pancreatitis?


(Mnemonic, if you need one)
Furosemide, Azathioprine, Valproate
Didanosine, Asparginase, Metronidazole
ASA, Tetracycline, Thiazides, Stavudine, Sulfasalazine.


  1. Numerical mneumonic for Drug induced Pancreatits:
    1( alphabet A)- L- aspargargine, Azathioprine, Alpha methyl dopa, Amiodarone
    2( di)- Didanosine
    3(Tri)- Theophylline
    4(Tetra)- Tetracycline
    5(Penta)- Pentamidine
    6(six)- Lasix/ Frusemide
    7(inverted V)- Valproate
    8(E)- Estrogen products


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