Thursday, January 21, 2016

What is the difference between Vegetarianism and Veganism?

Hey guys Jay here once again. Today I thought to talk about a subject matter discussed in our Nutrition class. That is about Vegetarianism and Veganism.

Many think these both terms are interchangeable, but in fact it is NOT!!!

So let us compare Vegetarianism and Veganism...

Don’t eat meat
Don’t eat meat
May or may not eat Eggs or consume milk or dairy, or consume those included products like cake, pastries, puddings etc.
(If eggs are consumed – Ovo-vegetarians
If milk is consumed – Lacto vegetarians.
If both is consumed – Lacto ovo vegetarians.)
Do not consume Eggs or Milk or any dairy.
-          This means, they do not even eat cakes, pastries or even puddings made with daily or eggs.
May use items made with animal products. Eg -  Fur coats, Leather items etc.
Do NOT use any items made with animal products.
Most of the time, doesn’t mind using products that are animal tested such as cosmetics (Skin lotions, creams, talc, toners, scrubs etc).
Do NOT use any product of cosmetics that are tested on animals.
Mostly selected due to religious or health benefits.
Mostly selected owing to compassion toward animals, nature activism and animal welfare.
Mostly a dietary type of preference.
Mostly a life style choice.

There are additional types of dietary preferences by people all over the world like pescatarianism,  paleothism, semi vegetarianism, demi vegetarianism, Pollo vegetarians, but those will be covered in a separate post.

Thanks a lot guys, I hope I removed some confusions of you guys, and if you are a practicing vegan or vegetarian or would like to point out some more details that should be added or removed please comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

With love,

Jay! J

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