Saturday, February 6, 2016

DNA viruses mnemonic

DNA is the blueprint of biological life as we know. 
Viruses contain either DNA or RNA, they NEVER contain both. Now whether viruses containing DNA makes them superior to there only-RNA containing counterparts..that is debatable.

But increased superiority or virulence or not...containing DNA does make them real happy, less work of changing RNA into DNA, they can directly integrate there genome with the host cell DNA
So the DNA viruses are
I.e herpes
Some random concepts-
Remember the enveloped virus are less virulent cause there outer layer can be destroyed easily by enzymes and disinfectants
Its the naked virus which are more dangerous..cause they don't depend on an outer protective glycoprotein, lipid layer.
The naked viruses are-
Another thing, all the DNA viruses replicate within the host cell nucleus, and hence also have intranuclear inclusion bodies..EXCEPT the POXvirus
All the DNA virus have an icosahedral shape..but yet again a major EXCEPTION is POXvirus
Lastly all the DNA virus have a double stranded DNA (dsDNA), EXCEPT the PARVOvirus(ssDNA). The parvovirus B19 assumes importance in patients having sickle cell anaemia, cause it can cause an aplastic crisis by infecting the RBC's
That's all.

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