Friday, March 11, 2016

Don't let the score get you down

"Sometimes, I wonder if I should judge myself by the marks I get at the university exams.
I work hard, sickening hard, but my scores don't give justice. I've never been able to enter in the league of 70+s and Ds.
Does it make me less of a doctor? Or have I chosen a wrong profession? Confused.
I seek some inspiring comments. Thank you in advance."

-Asked on my college group

I think we really need to think about progress, not marks.

Marks are very conditional - which case you got, which professor was assessing you. We have so many instances where you could answer all the questions the teacher asked your batch mate when they couldn't answer, but you couldn't answer yours.

So you have to focus on are you better than what you were yesterday? Are you studying or learning something new everyday?
I think you mentioning that you are working sickening hard is self explanatory. Keep working hard!

As long as you pass with what is considered "your decent check point score" - you should be fine. I wouldn't get down over 74.8% (Just because you didn't get a distinction.) A 65% fellow may or may not be smarter than 63% fellow.

In short, scoring well is awesome but chasing a number shouldn't get in your way of progress.

It doesn't make you less of a doctor.  MBBS isn't about marks.

And I wish I had known this earlier but there's so much more to being a doctor than marks: Being nice and empathetic to the patient. Thinking of possible differentials. Linking previous experiences to new patients. Being careful about not repeating mistakes.
Treating the disease, not the lab value.
Similarly, celebrate the achievement (passed), not the percentage.


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