Sunday, April 3, 2016

Anatomy and Neuroanatomy - How to Study

Hi guys, I'm Jay once again, and I passed my Anatomy and Neuroanatomy subjects today in my first year. yayyyy!! :D

So I thought I'd share some facts about how I studied anatomy in my MS1 or First year of Medicine.

First, which books to read?

I read Snell Regional Anatomy and used the Handouts from my professors. Always used a McMinn for my Lab exams. I have heard some of my friends using an Indian book called Chaurasia or Grey's and as an atlas they used Grant's or Netter's. Those options are good too.

Second, Watch videos?
Of course! To understand anatomy you should watch many videos as possible that the par level. I strongly recommend Acland's Video Series and many Youtube videos.

Third, how much to read?
Always! But even more than reading, imagining the locations and imagining the positionings help alot in answering questions.

Fourth, Draw?
Shouldn't even be a question. Always draw while you study! Make it into your muscle memory when you study both the anatomical subjects.

Fifth. dissections?
This depends on many colleges. Some do not have dissections at all. But if you have the facility to dissect, please do it as much as possible. It would be great if you can get the company of a prosector while you dissect or you dissect yourself and try to identify the features as you go on.

Sixth, Discuss?
Yupz! You always have to discuss these subjects. Make jokes while you associate with your friends. Discuss about your cadaver or a diagram over lunch. You should be diligent enough and discuss about these subjects as much as possible.

Seventh, Teach?
Amazing! This is a great way to learn. It was also proved in a research that when you start to study thinking that you have to teach someone later, the brain tends to memorize it well. Always teach others what you know.

Eighth, Mnemonics?
Um...hmm! Yes, you need mnemonics to memorize anatomy. But it would be rather amazing if you can visualize the anatomy in your head. And use the mnemonics to help them.

What not to do?

Don't ignore the lectures thinking you can get it while reading. No! Listen to the lectures. Anatomy lectures are most often boring unless done by a good professor. Nevertheless, still listen to them. Your first lexicon-familiarization should happen during the stay in the lecture.

Don't procastinate. Never procastinate the noting down. You gonna forget much info when you get out of the class. Jot them down and study them the very same day.

Don't miss lab classes. Lab classes are amazing. Enjoy them despite the strong odor. Always, be close the dissector. Get the information in to your head.

Tip ; I used a fragrant mask, in the lab when it was too hard to bear it. It's nothing you can buy! I infused perfume into the mask or a handkerchief and wore it over my nose. And had a pocket perfume always handy. I also used a lip balm because my lips chap alot in the lab class due to the chemicals used. I never considered it was absurd to apply a moisturizing lip balm in the class to avoid my lips hurting later. Neither did my class mates minded me doing it despite I'm a guy. In fact many did it themselves. So do it, if you think it's gonna help.

So these are some tips I used during my Anatomy and Neuroanatomy subjects. Hope it will help you too. I will add more to this, if I remember more. Thanks! :)

With love,

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