Friday, April 8, 2016

Dr. Thinker: Factors related to the MATCH

What are the factors that go into one’s match?
-          It is a mixture of various things.
a.      Contacts
b.      A word from your attending – if they personally email or call
c.       Interview day performance – Try your best to impress them. Unless, you screw up
doing a blunder this won’t affect you in a negative way.
d.      Scores – Once you get an interview despite your low scores, this won’t be a major factor as the program liked you despite it.
e.      Overall CV – YOG, USCE, Research( mainly for university or competitive programs)
f.        LORs
g.      Whether your interviews are from IMG friendly programs.
h.      How competitive it is. Like if every candidate that got an interview ranks it number one then it becomes difficult.
i.        How many positions they offer.
j.    Of course, luck!

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