Friday, April 8, 2016

Dr. Thinker: SOAP

-          Everyone who doesn’t match will be automatically eligible for SOAP.
-          Everyone gets an email regarding SOAP 2-3 days before the match results are out. This is a common email for everyone. It doesn’t mean that you will go unmatched.
-          There is a very common saying – “ SOAP is a LOST Cause”.
-          It is very difficult for an IMG to match in soap as they usually take unmatched AMGs in Soap. But, don’t give up. Try till the end. You could be an exception.
-          It’s an NRMP violation for you to contact a program first during SOAP. Wait for the program to contact you first and then you can call or email them later. If you try to contact them first, they can report you to NRMP.
-          It’s better if you can stay in the US during this period as the programs usually contact through phone. Your interview will be mostly on phone. It’s just like an in person interview, but keep your answers short.

-          If you are in your home country, then try to keep your US number active. Call the customer care to know more details. Ideally, get these details before you leave USA.

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