Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dr. Thinker: Stay/Accommodation

Short duration: Especially when attending interviews.
1.      Airbnb: It’s a website where you can get rooms for a cheaper rate than the hotel. It’s the best option for a one night or a couple of nights stay.
a.      The rooms are usually in an apartment or a house and most often the owners live in the other room.
b.      You can search for shared or private rooms.
c.       You can search for the rooms according to the distance from the hospital.
d.      You can see the photos of the room and house before you book.
e.      You can read the reviews and then decide whether to take it or not. YOU MUST read the reviews.
f.        It is usually safe. I used it many times without any trouble and so did my friends.
           You can use this referral link to sign up in order to get 35$ off on your first booking. You must sign up clicking this link in order to get it.
2.      Couch surfing: Like literally renting a couch in an apartment.
a.      Much cheaper option.
b.      Read reviews before you book.                   
Longer duration:
During electives: It’s best you ask the coordinator to send a list of places where students usually live.
1.      If you are looking for Indian roommates:
2.      Craigslist:
a.      Beware of the spammers.
b.      Always ask for photos of the current state of the room and apartment before you book it. They usually keep photos that were taken when the apartment was new.
c.       You can search for shared and private rooms.
d.      Take phone number, talk to them and confirm the details.
e.      Ideally ask someone in the vicinity to see the room once. It’s ok if you don’t have anyone.
f.        I had used it with no problems. But, I made sure he isn’t a spammer.
3.      Rotating room:
a.     This is especially for medical field.
b.    But, in order to contact the person who posted the ad you need to have a student id. Like the one that end with “.edu”
So, you can search the site if there is any room you are interested in and ask someone with a “.edu” email to contact them.

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