Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dr. Thinker: USMLE STEP 2CK and STEP 3

I am not going to explain this in detail as I already did it for USMLE Step1. The approach is the same. Once you are done with Step1 exam, you will get a hang of it and you are going to become your own master of USMLEs.
When is the ideal time to give it? – It’s best given asap after USMLE step1. It will save a lot of time as your basics would be strong and fresh.
Duration: 3 months if given immediately after USMLE STEP1. Otherwise 4-6 months.
Resources: MTB 2, MTB3, Uworld
Practice Tests:  1. UWSA    2. NBME forms 1-7
When is the ideal time to give it? – It’s best given asap after USMLE step2 CK. It will save a lot of time as the subject tested is almost same as that of CK.  Also, give it before starting residency because residency is already stressed up and you wouldn’t want to add step3 to it.
Duration: 2-3 month if given immediately after CK. Even otherwise 3-4 months is more than enough.
Resources: MTB3, Uworld, Archer videos
Practice Tests:  1. UWSA    2. NBME      
1.      Give more importance to CCS. Getting most of CCS questions right will improve          your final score by many points.

2.      Aim for a score above 220, if you are planning to apply for competitive fellowships like GI and Cardiology.

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