Friday, April 29, 2016

Step 2 CS: Introduction

Here's how I introduced myself -

"Mr. Smith? Hi. I am doctor D. I'm the attending physician and I'll be taking care of you."
"Are you comfortable in the room?" (Yes.)
"May I take a seat and write a few notes as we talk?" (Yes.)
"So can you tell me what brought you to the clinic?" (Blah blah blah...)
"Can you tell me more about it?"

Most patients are already draped in Step 2 CS so - "Let me drape you to make you feel more comfortable." is useless.

And telling the patient, "I see that you are already draped." is plain stupid.

Don't ask "Is there anything more that I can do to make you feel more comfortable?" after asking "Are you comfortable in the room?" It's a redundant question and SP's hate it. One SP even irritably said - Didn't I just say that I am comfortable?

Some people say - "I'll be asking you a few questions and doing a quick physical examination and then I will sit down and discuss my impression with you." I didn't say that because I though it was obvious.  I did ask the patient before the physical examination though - "Now I would like to do a physical examination, is that okay with you?" to gain consent.

Some people also ask - "How would you like to be addressed?" I didn't think it was necessary.

There is no right or wrong way to do things and there is room for a lot of variability. These are just my thoughts on it. There will be loads of advice on the internet, take what suits you and tailor it for your exam.

That's all!


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