Sunday, May 1, 2016

An Eye to Cyanide

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I just read about a case of cyanide poisoning and learnt some important points related to it. So here it is -

"A 27 year old comatose woman was brought to emergency by paramedics, and a strong odor of bitter almonds is present. Her past medical history is significant for malignant hypertension. For the past few months, she was given injections of sodium nitroprusside for the treatment, according to her accompanying relatives. She is a housewife and has been under stress regarding family problems. Also she had consumed few almonds a day ago."
On examination, Cherry Red color of skin is clearly observed. She is now given proper cyanokit antidote treatment and the condition is stabilized.

Some important points -

• Firstly, the source of Cyanide is from 10-30 bitter almonds that she ate one day ago.
• Moreover, the breakdown of sodium nitroprusside into nitric oxide and cyanide may also lead to acute cyanide poisoning.
• The poison is also a component of amygdalin, that is present in several plants n fruits such as apricots, peaches, Lima beans, barley, sorghum, flax seed, bamboo shoots.
• It causes cellular damage by binding to cytochrome oxidase, thus inhibiting cellular respiration.
• Cyanide is used in industry. (Remember, the 1984 incident in Bhopal that happened due to massive leakage of cyanide from industry. More than 2000 people were killed due to poisoning!)

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