Friday, June 10, 2016

Diabetes insipidus and SIADH mnemonics

"Do you have any mnemonics on vasopressin related disorders? I always mix up diabetes insipidus and syndrome of inappropriate anti-diuretic hormone!"

Sorry for replying so late. You are probably in your second year med school because once you get old, you can never mix up the two. Anyway, I made these mini mnemonics for ya, hope they help! :)

SIADH: So much hormone!

DI: Dumb or Disappered hormone!
Diabetes insipidus
Deficient ADH (Central DI) or ADH Doesn't work (Nephrogenic DI)
Dilute urine (< 300 mosm/L)

Diabetes insipidus and SIADH mnemonic
Here's an extra mnemonic kinda thingy?

Aquaporin is inserted into cells of the
Distal tubule which leads to water reabsorption and
Highly concentrated urine (High osmolality)

NSAIDS can cause inappropriate antidiuresis.
Mnemonic: NSAIDS aid ADH. Also "SIAD" for SIADH and "SAID" for NSAID are anagrams.

Did you know?
A primary deficiency of plasma ADH can result from increased metabolism by an N-terminal aminopeptidase produced by the placenta. It is referred to as gestational DI because the signs and symptoms manifest during pregnancy and usually remit after delivery.

That's all!

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