Thursday, June 2, 2016

Pulmonary contusion vs ARDS for Step 2 CK

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Because the radiographic findings in pulmonary contusion and ARDS are so similar, I thought of writing a small post on it :)

Both have patchy irregular alveolar interstitial opacities on x-ray. Also, both these conditions present with tachypnea and hypoxemia.

So how do we differentiate the two?

Pulmonary contusion is mostly unilateral.
ARDS is usually bilateral.

In pulmonary contusion, there will be history of trauma.
ARDS can be caused by a variety of conditions - Severe sepsis, bacterial pneumonia, trauma, multiple transfusions, aspiration of gastric contents, and drug overdose.

Pulmonary contusion develops within 12 hours after injury.
ARDS, however, takes 12- 24 hours after the initial insult, sometimes, it may take even 5-7 days.

You must remember, however, ARDS can develop after pulmonary contusion.

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