Sunday, June 5, 2016

Step 2 CK: Blunt pancreatic trauma

Happy Monday everyone!

Today, I am going to be talking about a uncommon condition, blunt pancreatic trauma.

Blunt pancreatic trauma occurs when high energy force is applied to the upper abdomen, which crushes the retroperitoneal structures against the vertebral bodies.
In adults, they are mostly caused in motor vehicle accidents (Impact with the steering wheel or seat belt injury.)
In children, they are caused by blow to the epigastrium by bicycle handle bars.

Abdominal pain is the most common finding.

CT and ERCP are preferred diagnostic modalities.
CT shows hypoattenuated areas in the pancreatic parenchyma.
ERCP is the best modality to evaluate the integrity of the pancreatic duct.

Unrecognized ductal injury leads to pancreatic pseudocyst, fistula, abscess, and other complications.

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