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-:Drug Doses:-

Hi everyone !
here is collection of drug doses according to their classification,Hope it helps you:)

-:Drug Doses:-
1Paracetamol:15mg kg dose 6hr.
                           5mg kg im.
2.Nimesulide :5mg kg day 12h. 
3.Brufen : 10-15 mg kg dose.          
4.Indomethacin :-                                                                                                                                                              Oral:  3 mg kg day         
Ductus closer :0.2mg kg dose Iv.                                     
5 Mefenemic acid: 3 mg kg dose. 
6.Naproxen:  5-7 mg kg dos 8hly.
7.Diclofenac Na:1-3 mg kg d 8hr. 
8.Codeine ph  :-                                      Pain relief: 3 mg kg day.                                             Antitussive : 0.2mg kg dose.
9.Acetyl salicylic acid :-
           Oral:  30-65 mg kg  6hrly.
10.Pentazocin Hcl : 0.5-1.0 mg kg day 4hrly oral iv im.
B.          ANTIBIOTICS:-
1.Amikacin: 15-20 mg kg day12h
2.Gentamicin: 5.0-7.5 mg kg day 12hly.
3.Kanamycin : 15 mg kg day 12h.
     Infant: 7.5 -10 mg kg day12hr.
     Child : 5.0 -7.5 mg kg day 12h.
5.Streptomycin:15-20 mg kg day.
6.Tobramycin:6.0-7.5 mg kgday.
7.Cefaclor : 20-40 mg kg day Oral  8hly.
9.Cefadroxil: 30 mg kg day Oral 12hly.
10.Cefdinir: 14 mg kg day 12hly.
11.Cefepime: 100-150 mg kg day  12hly I V.
12.Cefixime : 8 mg kg day 12hly
13.Cefoperazone: 50- 200 mg kg day 12hly I V.
14.Cefotaxime Na: 100-150 mg kg day 8hly.
15.Cefpirome: 30-60 mg kg day 12hly I V.
16.Cefpodoxime: 8-10 mg kg day 12hly Oral.
17.Cefprozil: 15-30 mg kg day  12hly  Oral.
18.Ceftazidime: 100-150 mg kg day 8hly  IV IM.
19.Ceftibuten: 9 mg kg day OD Oral.
20.Ceftizoxime: 100-150 mg kg day 8hly IV IM.
21.Ceftrixone: 50- 75 mg kg day 12hly IV.
    Meningitis: 100 mg kg day IV.
22.Cefuroxime axetil :-
        Oral:20-30 mg kg day 12hly.
         IV   :50-100 mg kg day 12h.
23.Cephalexin:25-50 mg kg day 8hly Oral.
24.Ciprofloxacin :-
             Oral:20-30 mg kgday 12h
              I V :10-20 mg kg day 12h
25.Gatifloxacin :10 mg kg day OD Oral .
26.Levofloxacin:10-15 mg kg day OD Oral/I V.
27.Nalidixic acid :50 mg kg day 8hly Oral.
28.Norfloxacin :10-15 mg kg day 12hly Oral.
29.Ofloxacin :-
            Oral: 15 mg kg day 12hly.
             I V :  5-10 mg kg day 12h.
30.Pefloxacin:12 mg kg day 12hl Oral/I V.
31.Suprafloxacin:4 mg kg day  Oral.
              Oral:20-30 mg kg day BD
                IV :20-40 mg kg day BD
33.Azithromycin :10 mg kgdayOd
34.Clarithromycin:15mg kg day 12hly Oral.
35.Erythromycin :-
            Oral:30-50 mg kg day 8hly
              I V: 5mg kg dose 8hly.
36.Roxithromycin:5-8 mg kg day 12hly Oral.
37.Amoxycillin:25-50mg kg day 8hly Oral.
38.Amoxycillin+Clavulanic acid:-
      Oral:20-40 mg kg day 12hly.
         I V:50-100 mg kg day 8hly.
39.Ampicillin Na:100-200mg kg day 8hly Oral/IV.
40.Cloxacillin:50-100 mg kg day 8hly Oral/ I V.
       Meningitis:200mg kg day 8h.
41.Pencillin G Benzathin:-
       6yrs < 0.6 mega unit IM Wkly.
      6 yrs >o.6 mega units IM Wkl
56.Tetracycline Hcl:-                        2        25-50 mg kg day 8hly Oral. 
57.Vancomycin Hcl :-
     40 mg kg day 8hly over 60min
     CNS:60 mg kg day 8hly I V.
      Pseudo membranous colitis:
      Oral:40-50 mg kg day 8hly.
C.         ANTI-LEPROSY :-
1.Diamino diphenyl Sulphone:-
       1-2mg kg day.
         3.2mg kg Stat I M
   F/b1.6 mg kg daily for 5days.
             I M/ Oral.
      4mg kg day for 3 days I V/IM.
      Oral:5mg kg stat.
              2.5 mg kg on day 2 & 3.
3.Chloroquine ph:-               Oral:10 mg kg.
       F/ b:5 mg kg at 6hr 24hr 48h.
Prophylaxis:5 mg kg once week.
I V: 5mg kg 12hly in10ml NS/ D5 in 2-4hrs till total dose 25mg kg.
4.Mefloquine Hcl:-
       Oral:15 mg kg single dose.
                10 mg kg second dose 
                     24hrs later.
5.Primaquine.0.3 mg kg day for 5 days Oral.
        PM:1mg kg.
         SD:20mg kg. Single dose  
7.Quinine Hcl:-
        Loadig dose:20mg kg of salt given in conc of 1mg ml of NS/D5 over 4hrs.
      F/b:10 mg kg 8hly as 4hr
8 . Quinine sulfate:25-30mg kg day of salt 8hly Oral for 7 days.
1.Fluconazole:3-6mg kg day Oral
2 .Metronidazole:20 mg kg day  8hly Oral/I V.
3.Ornidazole:40mg kg Od for 3 days.
1.Isoniazid:5-10mg kg day OD Oral.
2.Rifampicin:10mg kg day single dose empty stomach Oral.
3.Pyrazinamide:20-35mg kg day single dose Oral.
4.Ethambutol:25 mg kg day single Oral.
5.Streptomycin:15-20 mg kg day OD I M.
       1-2yrs:200mg single dose.
        > 2yrs:400mg single dose.
     Hydatid dis:400 mg BD for 28 days.
  Neurocysticercosis:15 mg kg day BD for 7 days.
2.Diethylcarbamazine citrate:-
        10 mg kg day 8hly Oral.
    100 mg B D for 3 days.
    Hydatid cyst:30mg kg day 8hly
1.ACTH:20-40 I u daily I M/I V.
2.Carbamazepine:10-30mg kg day 8hly Oral.
3.Clobazam:-(Frisium).                                                0              0.3-1 mg kg day 12h.
      Seizure Prophylaxis:1mg kg 
                          day 12hly Oral.
4.Clonazepam:0.01-0.03 mg kg  day 12hly Oral.
5.Diazepam:-(Valium).                                    0        0.1-0.3 mg kg day 8hly
        Neonatal Tetanus:0.5-5.0 mg kg I V 2hrly.
6.Nootropil:40-100 mg kg day 12hly Oral.
7.Ethosuximde:20-40 mg kg day        12hly Oral.
8.Fospheytoin Na:-
      Loading dose:15-20 mg kg IV
      M D:4-6 mg kg day I V/I M.
9.Gabapentin:30-60 mg kg day 8hly Oral.
        Initial dose:10mg kg day12h
                   Upto:40 mg kg day.
11.Lorazepam:0.05-0.1mg kg dose Oral/IV/IM.
        Status epilepticus:0.2 mg kg
         I V/I M.
         Intra nasal:0.2 mg kg.
         Buccal route:0.3 mg kg.
13.Nitrazepam:0.25-1 mg kg day.                   12hly Oral.
    Initial dose :8-10 mg kg dayBD         Max:40 mg kg day.
15.Phenobarbitone Na:-
     Loading dose:15-20 mg kg IV
      M D:3-5 mg kg day 12hly.
               Oral/I V.                                           
16.Phenytoin Na:-
         L D:15-20mg kg day I V.
         M D:5-8 mg kg day 12hly.
                 Oral/I V.
           L D:5-10mg kg I V.
           M D:2-10mg kg hr      continues drip.
18.Topiramate:3-9mg kg day 12hly Oral.
19.Valproate Na:-
           L D:20 mg kg I V Slowly.
           M D:10-15 mg kg day 12h.
   Can increase upto 60 mg kgday
            Oral/I V.
I.           ANTI-EMETICS:-
1.Domperidone:0.2-0.4mg kg dose 8hly Oral.
2.Granisetron:10-20mcg kg dose
                          Oral/I V OD.
3.Metoclopramide Hcl:-
     0.1mg kg dose 8hly Oral I V.
      Max : 0.8 mg kg dose.
4.Ondansetron Hcl:0.15-0.45 mg kg dose 30 min before meal.
5.Promethazine theoclate:-
           0.5 mg kg dose 8hly Oral.
Motion sickness:-                              (              (Tab Avomine 25 mg).
           2-6yrs:2.5 mg B D.
            > 6yrs:5 mg B D.
2.Chlorpheniramine maleate:-
         0.35 mg kg day 8hly.
3.Cyproheptadine Hcl:-
       0.25-0.5mg kg day 8hly Oral.
          <12yrs:30mg B D.
          >12yrs:60mg B D Oral.
5.Hydroxyzine Hcl:-
           Oral:2mg kg day 8hly.
            I M:0.5-1mg kg dose 8hly.
6.Ketotifen:1mg B D daily.
7.Levocetrizine:0.12 mg kg O D.
8.Methdilazine Hcl:-
                > 3yrs :4mg 12hly.
9.Promethazine Hcl:-
           Sedation:0.25-1.0 mg kg dose  Oral IM IV.
            Motion sickness:0.5mg kg dose 12hly Oral.
1.Atenolo:0.5-2mg kg dose OD
         Oral:0.25-0.5 mg kg dose.
         Sublingual:3-5 mg kg dose
        (for SevereHTN).
       Oral:0.5-1mg kg day 12hly.
       Cynotic spell:0.5-4mg kg day
                               12hly Oral.
K.            DIURETICS:-
         Diuretic:5mg kg day 8hly.
         Hydrocephalus:50-70 mg kg day 8hly Oral.
            Oral:2-8 mg kg day 12hly.
              I V:1-4 mg kg day 12hly.
             Infusion: 0.1-1.0 mg kg hr
3.Spironolactone:2-3 mg kg day OD Oral.
           Varicella:80 mg kg d 6hr for 5 days.
       0.1ml kg dose 1:10,000 sol.
        I V / Endotracheal.
      Oral:15-20 mg kg day 8hly.
      L D:5-7 mg kg.
      M D:0.5-0.9 mg kg hr  I V.
      Apnea:L D:5mg kg.
                   M D:2mg kg 8hly.
                   Oral/ I V.
3.Salbutamol:0.1-0.4mg kg dose
     8hly Oral.
     Neb:0.15 mg kg dose.
4.Terbutaline sulphate:-
    Oral:0.1-0.15mg kg day 8hly.
    S C:0.01-0.02 ml kg 4timesday
    Neb :2.5-5mg kg.
1.Digoxin:0.04-0.06 mg kg day Oral.
        Parentral dose 2/3 of Oral.
2.Dobutamine:5-20 mcg/kg/min I V Infusion.
          Start:5mcg kg min.
          Max:30 mcg kg min.
1.Anti-Rh D immune globulin:-
     500mcg I M Single dose <72h.
2.Human high dose  Ig:-
          400 mg kg day I V Infusion over 2hr for 5days.
2g kg I V Infusion over 10-12 hr single dose.
3.Human heptitis B specific Ig:-
       40 units kg I M on blood  exposure.
       HBsAg+ve:100-200iu < 72hr.
4.Human rabies specific Ig:-
      20 units kg I M.
    (KamRab 150 iu/ml in 2ml vial)
5.Rabies specific Ig (Equine):-
         40 units kg.
6.Betamethasone:0.1-0.2mg kg 12hly Oral.
7.Dexamethasone:0.05-0.5mg kg day Oral/I M/I V.
8 .Hydrocortisone Na:10 mg kg dose.
9.Methyl prednisolone:-
          0.4-1.7mg kg day IM/ IV.
          Pulse therapy:30 mg kg I V bolus 10 to 20 min.
10.Prednisolone:1-2mg kg day 8hly.
     Diabetes insipedus:5-30mcg once OR twice.
      Nocturnal enuresis:20-40mcg IM/IV.
12.Thyroxine Na:-
     New born:10-15mcg kg day.
       Children:5mcg kg day.
            >5yrs:100mcg per day.
13.Imipramin Hcl:-(Depsonil).
      Children:1.5mg kg day 8hly Oral.
        Adolescents:25-50mg day 8hly Oral.
14.Triclofos Na:20mg kg dose Oral. (Sedation).
      Prophylaxis:1mg kg day BD.
      Treatment: 3-5mg kg day 12h
  I M:4.0×weight in kg×Hb deficit.
16.Vitamin A:-
     Daily Req:400-1000iu day.
     > 12mon:2lac.
     Deficiency:2lac on 0, 1 ,14 day.
17.Vitamin B:0.3-3mg kg day Oral /IM/IV.
     INH Neuropathy:10mg day.
18.Vitamin C:-
      Pre term baby:50 mg day.
      Term:30mg kg      Oral.
      Child:40 mg kg     Oral.
19.Vitamin D3:-
     Maintanance:400i u day Oral.
     Deficiency:60, 000i u daily ×10 days.
20.Vitamin K:-
        Term baby:1mg IM.
         Pre term:0.5mg kg IM.
        Therapeutic 5-10 mg dose IM /IV.
          I V:50-100 mcg kg dose 4hr
          S C:25-50mcg kg 12hly.
          DVT:5000mcg dose S C 8h.

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