Thursday, July 14, 2016

Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors Mnemonic

Hi everyone !
So here is a post about a few important points on GIST I figured can be remembered in an easier way if you love the letter "C" ! G does look like a C :D

1. What's in a name ? Well in this case, the "G" of GIST ! - commonest site is Stomach (Gastro=stomach) & C for Cervix - stomach appears like Cervix on endoscopy.
2. C for Cajal cells - Tumors arise from these cells.
3. C for Carney's triad, which is GIST+Pulmonary Chondroma+Extra adrenal paraganglioma. (Yeah this one can be a toughie to remember, repeat a few times, or write it down on a weird place! As weird as it sounds but randomly writing stuff on random places like say a newspaper or a tissue paper helps me remember stuff !! Try it !).
4. C for CT & sCopy (investigation).
5. C for 'C-kit receptor' that they express, ie, CD117 (C for CD117, if that suits you).
6. Treatment- Cut it out (C for Cut) ie, Resection.
That's about it :)
PS :- I am new at blogging, I hope you guys find the post helpful ! ^_^


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