Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Instructions for new authors: How to post through blogger app

If you wanna be an independent author at Medicowesome, here's what you need to do:

Email me at asking that you want to write for Medicowesome. I'll say yaay! Of course, yes! :D

Make a blogger account ( using your Gmail account.

Send me your gmail address. I will send you an author invitation, you must accept it within 24 hours.
If you will be using the Blogger app on your phone to publish blogs, continue reading.
If you will be using a computer or laptop to post your blogs, click here.

Once you're an author, you can click on the new post button to write a new post:

Your blog should have -

A title: 
I prefer you have concise titles on what the post is about. Make it a good title because that's what is seen on the contents page and writing "Random post" as title doesn't help!

Awesome content:
You can write your own posts, add your own images, notes (Don't use images from Google and avoid copyright issues) and mnemonics.

Labels are important because they help readers go through a particular topic (Subject wise) on the blog with feasibility. If you don't label your post, it is likely to be lost in the sea of posts on Medicowesome. Do NOT create new labels.

Once you publish a post, it will be online on the blog. It is automatically shared on Facebook, Twitter and sent to subscribers via Email. I'll upload it on Tumblr and other social media later.

If you are not confident about posting it all by yourself, you can run them by me. You can also Save as draft and it'll be visible to other authors.

Always back up your text in another app like Google Keep and then copy paste to Blogger app because it has a glitch. Blogger hangs sometimes, your data is lost and all your hard work will go to waste. I do not want you to lose your precious work so always copy paste, don't type into blogger directly.

That's all!
Happy blogging < 3

If you are using the web version, you can do cool stuff like add multiple images, caption images, add page breaks, etc. Here are instructions for new authors who have access to a laptop / computer.

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