Sunday, July 24, 2016

The IMNCI problem - Solved. (Mnemonic)

Hi everyone !
So I was just studying Pediatrics and sometimes they expect us to remember how to fill the IMNCI form 😭 #SoCruel.
So here's a mnemonic I made for the headers :

For a child below 2 months -->
Bl*w Job TDM

Bl*w= Bacterial infection
Job= Jaundice
T=Temperature (hypothermia)
D= Diarrhea
M= Malnutrition

For a child above 2 months -->
3 Di*ks in FEMAles Is Fun

So 3 D*cks are  :
Danger signs
Dypnea /difficult breathing /cough.

FEMAles  :
  F = Fever
  E = Ear problem
  M = Malnutrition
  A = Anemia

Is = Immunization

Fun = Feeding .

Hope you find this one helpful.
Will continue with the GI hormone series once exams are done.  :p

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