Sunday, July 17, 2016

Tuberculosis mnemonics

Today's post is all about TB! :D
So many names to remember :/
Rich focus
Definition: A Rich focus is a tuberculous granuloma occurring on the cortex of the brain that ruptures into the subarachnoid space, causing tuberculous meningitis. (A dormant intracranial subpial focus is also  known as Rich focus)
Mnemonic: Brainy people are Rich.

Simon focus
Definition: A Simon focus is a tuberculosis (TB) nodule that can form in the apex of the lung when a primary TB infection elsewhere in the body spreads to the lung apex via thebloodstream.
Mnemonic:  *I apologize for my language* Simon has Sex at Apex

Assman focus
Definition: Assman focus is chronic infraclavicular lesion of pulmonary tuberculosis. It is a deep apical lesion.
Mnemonic: *Sorry for the vulgar mnemonic again* Ass (anal) sex at Apex :D 

Weigerts focus
Definition: Lymphohematogenous dissemination may lead to miliary tuberculosis when caseous material reaches the bloodstream from a primary focus or a caseating metastatic focus in the wall of a pulmonary vein (Weigert focus - Subintimal focus in pulmonary vien).
Mnemonic: VVeigerts Vein

Simmonds - Tubercular foci in the liver
Puhl's lesion - Lesion in the apex without lymph node involvement
Aschoff-puhl focus - Coarse granular dissemination Mnemonic: Puhl (Full) of granularity
Rasmussen’s  aneurysm - Dilated vessel in tuberculous cavity
Ranke's focus - Ghons focus with calcified parenchymal nodule and hilar lymph node

Potts spine - Tuberculosis of the spine
Poncets disease - Tubercular arthritis
Lupus vulgaris - Tuberculosis of the skin
Phlyctenular Keratoconjunctivitis - Nodular inflammation of the cornea or conjunctiva that results from a hypersensitivity reaction to tuberculin protein
Scrofuloderma - Skin lesions result from direct extension of underlying TB infection

That's all!

I'm not sure if all of these are accurate, because I collected all of this information from the internet. Let me know if it is wrong in the comments, I'll correct it!



    1) If skin is involved as a first organ i.e. Primary, the lesion are grouped as EXOGENOUS
    in this we have
    A. TB chancre
    B. TBVC/ Anatomist wart

    2) If skin is involved secondary to other organ already infected with TB it is ENDOGENOUS
    in this we have
    A. Lupus Vulgaris (heatogenous route)
    B. Scrofuloderma (contigous spread)
    C. Orificial TB ( due to auto-inoculation )

    3) Lastly we have TUBERCULIDS - in this mycobacterium is present somewhere else and skin develops hypersensitivity.
    can be
    A. Micronpdular
    B. Papulonecrotic
    C. Erythema induratum of Bazin

  2. I need a mnemonic for symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis



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