Monday, September 26, 2016

Biophysical profile mnemonic and step 2 CK notes


Here's a mnemonic for biophysical profile: BAT HAM
Amniotic fluid volume
Heart rate Acceleration

Here's an overview of interpretations from the BPP score.

BPP 10/10
BPP 8/10 (Normal AFV)
No fetal indication for intervention.
Repeat weekly.

BPP 6/10 (Normal AFV)
Equivocal. Repeat test within 24 hours.

BPP 4/10 (Normal AFV)
Fetal lungs mature (>37 weeks), deliver.
Fetal lungs immature, betamethasone, repeat test within 24 hours.

General rule: If oligohydramnios, consider delivery.

BPP 8/10 (Decreased AFV)
BPP 6/10 (Decreased AFV)
Assess clinical scenario, consider delivery depending on gestational age, risk of fetal, maternal death, etc.

BPP 4/10 (Decreased AFV)
If >32 weeks, deliver.
If <32 weeks, observe.

BPP 2/10
BPP 0/10
Deliver regardless of gestational age.

That's all!
I wrote this down from a number of resources, including uptodate


  1. Good one IKAN.
    I use MT BAN (Movements, tone, breathing, amniotic fluid and NST)
    If BPP is 6/10, My remote memory says next step should be CST. But i may be wrong !


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