Saturday, September 17, 2016

Glasgow coma scale mnemonic


This post is on the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)

An important MCQ they like asking is that if the patient doesn't respond to pain, doesn't open his eyes and doesn't talk - What is the GCS? You'll be tempted to mark zero. Remember, the lower limit of GCS is 3, not 0.

The mnemonic for eye opening response are in the numbers itself (See image)
1 - Does not open eyes (Picture 1 as eyes shut)
2 - Opens eyes in response to painful stimuli (Two with the pointy end causes pain)
3 - Opens eyes in response to voice (Picture 3 as lips, calling out)
4 - Opens eyes spontaneously (The holes is 4 are eyes :P )

Glasgow coma scale mnemonic: Eye opening response
The mnemonic for verbal response is VOICE.
Verbal response mnemonic
1 - Makes no sounds (VOICELESS)
2 - Incomprehensible sounds (OOOH)
3 - Utters inappropriate words (INAPPROPRIATE WORDS)
4 - Confused, disoriented (CONFUSED)
5 - Oriented, converses normally (ELEGANT SPEECH)

Glasgow coma scale mnemonic: Vocal response
The mnemonic for motor response is OLD BEN. I got this mnemonic for medtrix.

1 - Makes no movements (NONE)
2 - Extension to painful stimuli (decerebrate response) (EXTENDS)
3 - Abnormal flexion to painful stimuli (decorticate response) (BENDS)
4 - Flexion / Withdrawal to painful stimuli (DRAWS FROM PAIN)
5 - Localizes painful stimuli (LOCALIZES)
6 - Obeys commands (OBEYS)

Glasgow coma scale mnemonic: Motor response
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