Tuesday, September 27, 2016

McCune Albright syndrome mnemonic

Hello everyone!

McCune–Albright syndrome is suspected when two of the three following features are present:

Endocrine hyperfunction such as precocious puberty
Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia
Unilateral Café-au-lait spots

Here's a mnemonic :)

Mc - Menarche Comes early (Precocious puberty)
Cu - Cafe au lait spots
Ne - iNcrease in Estrogen
Al - Aromatase inihibitor (Preferred treatment)
Br - Bones gone wrong (Polyostotic fibrous Dysplasia)
Ig - Independent of GnRH
Ht - Height is decreased (Because estrogen causes early closure of epiphyses)

Here's an image flashcard for you to save :)

McCune Albright syndrome mnemonic
That's all!


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