Thursday, October 20, 2016

Diagnosis vs. Prognosis! Which is which?

When I was in 1st year I used to mistake these two parts of patient care very much. Let’s try to understand these concepts.

Diagnosis (Dx) – The identified disease/condition that the person has. We get to a diagnosis, after considering all the symptoms, and signs.

Prognosis – What’s going to happen in future for the patient regarding this disease.
For an example, if we notice a patient has a malignancy ,
  • ·         Diagnosis could be “Squamous cell carcinoma” which is the disease.
  • ·         Prognosis could be, either ‘good’ or ‘poor’, meaning that the patient can survive or not,             which is what that’s going to happen to the patient in future.

As a Mnemonic, remember, 
Diagnosis --> Disease. 

So you won’t mix it up with prognosis, which is the foreseeable future regarding the disease.


With love,

Jay :) 

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