Friday, November 25, 2016

Prinzmetal's angina notes


Here are my notes on Prinzmetal's angina:

1. Ischemic pain at rest.
2. Diagnosed by transient ST elevation.
3. Nitrates and calcium channel blockers are used for treatment.

Extra points:
1. Related to hypercontractility of the vascular smooth muscle due to adrenergic vasoconstrictors, leukotrienes and serotonin.
2. Can be reproduced by hyperventilation, intracoronary acetylcholine. Cold water can also exacerbate symptoms.
3. Caused by focal spasm of epicardial coronary arteries.
4. Most common in the right coronary artery.

Mnemonic that I don't use:
Pain at
Nitrates, CCB for treatment
Elevation of ST is
Adrenergic vasoconstrictors
Leukotrienes and
Serotonin maybe the cause

That's all!

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