Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016: the flashback

Hey all!

In this post, I just want to share a flashback to the year 2016 and what I have learnt through the journey of these 365 days.

Firstly, I am glad to be here for such a wonderful life I am living on this planet. I started my year with a hope to learn and study new subjects of the third year of my medical college.. the eye, ear, nose and throat. Its always exciting to read new books and about interesting things I get to know about myself. Like its all happening inside me now at this particular moment. I can sense the light entering into my eyes, the sound I hear, the smell of perfume and food I eat, and how I sense the taste the delicious and mouth watering dishes made my my mom. Its obvious and then amazing at the same time! :D

I have come to know about health services and care provided to the community and how the patients are taken care of in the hospitals and clinics and also the problems the community is facing because of either the lack of facilities or their inability to access such facilities provided by the government. The subject was interesting in one aspect and then too boring in another aspect, may be because we were not taught in an interesting way. But most of the epidemiological research and studies on various diseases is done based on this subject. Thats what makes it important to study and understand the matter.

As always I try to explore myself and the outside world in each passing day. So I created my own new interests, hobbies, and converted some into my passions. I started blogging for Medicowesome as one of the author and posted first time on the first of May here. Because being a medical student, I love making things easier and sharing medical information with others. This makes studying much more fun. :D

I also talked to and came to know people from all over the world and was amazed at so many similarities amongst us inspite of huge differences in cultures and lifestyles.

Also during family visits to rural areas in the practical periods of community medicine, I got an opportunity to make a closer look on the lifestyle of rural people and the area where they lived. Trust me, the rural people are the kindest of all. I loved to interact with the family members and know everything about them. I got to know about the problems they were facing in different aspects that included the quality of food and water they are accessed to and the quality of air around which along with many other factors resulted in frequent infections and ill- health. I still remember my last visit, the day of my final exam when I suggested them to take some more measures to support the health of their family. I could see how touched they were when I showed my support and love for them on that last day. <3

I am honoured to have an opportunity of being an author of this blog, the Medicowesome. And you guys always keep supporting and motivate all of us to write more awesome stuff. Thank you guys. I am sure 2017 is going to be much more awesome and productive.

So how can we make 2017 better?
- Stretch your hands out of the comfort zone
- Spread more love and happiness
- Be confident
- Stand up for yourself and for others
- Be kind to patients and treat them well
- Help others whenever you get a chance
- Be the real you and true to yourself
- Stay Awesome as always :D

That's all
Happy New year from the whole team of Medicowesome :)

- Jaskunwar Singh

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