Friday, December 9, 2016

A case on Medical ethics

Hello Awesomites!

Today I am gonna discuss with you a simple case based on medical ethics. A Forensic Medicine professor asked me in final viva last year. So here it goes...

SUPPOSE you have become a Doctor and working as a general physician in a private hospital. You are engaged and your fiance works in a government job at her hometown. She calls you and asks if you can make a prescription of certain drugs for her illness so that she can show it to her boss and get leave for 10 days. Now, as a well- qualified and well- reputed doctor, will you do it? ( Remember, she is your fiance and you are engaged. So if you don't do what she wants, your relationship will suffer! )
> No, I would not make a fake prescription of any kind of drugs, no matter how severe her illness would be. Yes I know she's my fiance, but I can't prescribe or give her any treatment advice unless I examine her by myself. And as a doctor, it would be an act of violation of laws if I do it.

But it would be harmful to your relationship. Isn't it?
> Yes, it might be. But as a well- reputed and well- qualified doctor, I would not disobey my rules and not treat my fiance unless I examine her because proper examination and follow- up is essential in the due course of my duty and relationship with 'my patient'. I remain adherent to the principles of medical ethics (autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence and justice to my patients) and also my rules (fidelity, confidentiality, privacy, and veracity) and my virtues (compassion, kindness, respect, etc.)

So what would you suggest her instead?
I would rather make her understand why is it wrong to do so. It is an act of violation of laws and principles of medical ethics. Instead, she could go to her family doctor and tell him/her about her problem. I am sure the doctor would examine her and take measures as and when required. If my fiance is not really ill or if she could be alright with certain medications without getting leave from her work, then she should not do so.

Hope you'll agree with me. :D

That's all
Happy Medicowesome! :)

- Jaskunwar Singh

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