Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A tip for confusing things

many of us have this tendency and inner hunger to know everything, but not all of us are prodigies now are we?

hence a typical example.
types of thyroplasty
type1- medialization of cord
type2- lateralization
type3- shortening
type4- lengthening

no many how many times i have read it, i am bound to get confused. i will remember that type 1 and type 2 had to do with changing the position of the cord from midline, but i am totally going to forget whether medialization was first or not. 
The examiners exploit this very weakness. some sadist i tell you! 

anyways not always will you be able to get your hands on mnemonics that will save your neck..and yes sometimes it is even really tough to remember the mnemonics themselves during exams -_-

my tip is 
just remember
type1- medialization
type3- shortening

hell with everything else..this attitude will save your neck more than you can imagine. use this with eveything confusing. 

just dont give your brain the chance to be and have a visual image of only the very core of the answer. and trust yourself that when push comes to shove you will be able to answer the question correctly 


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