Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Hello awesome people !
Today's topic is - ADAMANTINOMA ! (and no it's not what would only happen to Wolverine! Haha see what I did there ?! )

1)Also known as Ameloblastoma (Ameloblasts are enamel forming cells), Eve's disease (looks like ADAM & EVE had a tiff over who'd name it, and clearly it was a draw! :p)

2) Its a benign tumor, but behaves like a malignant one, it metastasizes to lungs. (so wanna be)

3) Sites : #Mandible (most common site) (anyone else going weak in the knees seeing Hugh Jackman's jawline?, cool now you'll remember it better!)
Talking of knees, #Tibia is the 2nd most common site !
#Pituitary because the stalk of pituitary and enamel arise from oral epithelium

3) Slow growing tumor, with multiple cystic spaces...patients often complain of falling teeth or fracture mandible :(

4) X ray shows a "Honeycomb" appearence

5) Treatment? Well since this tumor is very "Adamant" simple curettage will cause recurrence, hence we do a wide excision (1cm margin)...Sometimes a Hemimandibulectomy may have to be done! (Sounds like what Wolverine would do to his enemies!)
All the Wolverine fans put your hands up and read this again !!  :p
That's about it !!

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