Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Caput v/s Cephalhematoma - Ways to remember.

Though simple, takes time in the exam if confused.
So here's a way to save the time meanwhile being sure of the answer for the topic.

Neonatal extra cranial birth injuries include 3 topics:
1. Caput Succedaneum.
2. Cephalhematoma.
3. Subgaleal Haemorrhage.

These can be differentiated based on a few characteristics which are typical to each one.

Below is a table of differences between Caput and Cephalhematoma.

On the other hand, Subgaleal haemorrhage is less likely to create a confusion because of its presentation.
To begin with:
Subgaleal haemorrhage is collection of blood beneath the galeal/epicranial aponeurosis and above the periosteum. It may extend to the orbits and the subcutaneous muscles of the neck. If enough blood accumulates, a visible fluid wave may be seen. It is insidious in onset.
Since the Subgaleal space is capable of holding large volume of the baby's blood, it may result in haemorrhagic shock. 

-Rajavee Panchal.


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