Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Chronic complications of pulmonary tuberculosis mnemonic

Chronic complications of pulmonary tuberculosis

Pulmonary complications-  HE CAL BOB
H- Haemoptysis
E- Emphysema
C- Cor pulmonale
A- Aspergilloma/ Atypical MTB
L- Lung calcification
B- Bronchiectasis
O- Obstructive pulmonary disease
B- Bronchopleural fistula

Extra- pulmonary complications- PALE
P- Poncet's polyarthritis
A- Anorectal fistula/ Amyloidosis
L- Laryngitis
E- Empyema necessitans/ Enteritis

Thats all
- Jaskunwar Singh

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  1. This was extremely helpful . I always search for your mnemonics before starting to make my own 😁 and whenever I find the perfect one , I can't express how relieved I feel because my time has been saved 😍 thanks again


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