Saturday, December 31, 2016

Create the change

Hello everyone

So it's the last day of 2016. And everyone is now talking about new year resolutions and stuff. But what do we want to resolve as medical students?

Remember the first day you joined the medical college? That day you promised yourself something. To be a good doctor one day and serve humanity. To study and work hard all day and night seven days a week and gain knowledge in every subject you study. You had taken your life- changing resolution on that first day itself.

I believe in change. I have always tried to explore myself and learn new things each day of my life. That's what we all should do. And not just in the initial days or weeks of the new year. Because you are known by your actions and not what you think.

So stop making resolutions and start taking your real life decisions. Change is the law of nature. Create the change in yourself each passing day for the better. That will make you feel good. And because your ultimate goal in life is not just to be a doctor but also be a good human being. Then one day you will be what you ever wanted to be.

That's all
- Jaskunwar Singh


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