Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Enzymes and the Type of Reactions they Catalyze ( Part 6 : LIGASES)

Hello guys, we come to an end of this 6 part enzyme series and also this is the 500th Medicowesome post for 2016! Woohoo! :D

Ok, back to our business! Ligases, what to they do? Obvio, they LIGATE! Or simply connect! But connect what?

Think of these guys as a Plumber who connects those pipes! ;)

Major subclasses
  • Synthetase - Formation of new bond between substrates using the energy from an ATP
  • Synthase - Link two molecules without using the energy from ATP (Confusing with Synthetase? They use ATP. Check here for a memory aid.)
  • Carboxylase - Formation of a new bond between a substrate and a CO2 using the energy from an ATP
Are we ok guys?

Jay  :) 

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