Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Sustainable Development Goals: Mnemonics and explanation

Hi everyone! I'm back with a note. This time on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).

This is a crisp summary of what we need to know about them as Doctors or Health Care Practitioners (in any part of the world). They're so important that a major chunk of the Coldplay concert in Mumbai was based on them. (And every other person spoke about them. How Magic-al).

And they're Also very important for the Community Medicine students from India. So here goes :

SDG's were adopted by nations of the world on 25th September, 2015 to be achieved till 2030. 

They want to do 3 P's

End Poverty,
Bring Prosperity to all and
Protect the planet. 

A. The important Health related Goals

(Mnemonic by our IkaN)


(HE EWE as in Adam and Eve)

1 Poverty 

2 Hunger 

3 Health care 

4 Education 

5 Equality 

6 Water 

7 Energy 

B. Goal 3: Ensure Healthy lives and Promote Well Being. 


Remember: BAMS VIP
Baby Adult Mother Sex. 
(OR : Adult and Mother have Sex to get Baby)
Vaccine. Infections. Pollution. 

- Neonatal Mort - has 12 letters , so to be reduced to less than 12 by 2030. 

- Under 5 Mortality Rate  - 5*5 = 25. So less than 25 by 2030 

- Decrease the burden of NCDs to one third of present.
- Mental health burden to be reduced. Tobacco control. 
- Drug abuse to be tackled. 

- Maternal Mortality to less than 70 per 1 lakh world wide. 

- Sexual health and reproductive health strengthening. 

- Promote and develop.

- Tackle TB HIV Malaria Other tropical diseases Diarrheal diseases. 

- Air, Water, Soil, Noise pollution to be tackled. 

Kudos to IkaN who helped me out of this tough spot. This was a life saver and you're the best :* :)

Hope this helps everyone.
Until next time.



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