Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Urgent vs. Emergent Tracheostomy

In English, Urgency and Emergency almost means the same. But when it comes to Medical literature, it has a little difference.

So what are the differences of Urgent and Emergent Tracheostomy?

The one with the highest priority is Emergent tracheostomy. Because, we perform this when the patient is at the brink of death. :(
We don't have time to worry about the surroundings, because if we wouldn't do a cricothyrotomy at this place, at this time, we will lose the patient. But make sure, you just cannot slash the throat of the patient no matter how emergent the situation is. Make sure you follow the procedure accordingly, making sure it happens as soon as possible.

Whereas, the Urgent Traeostomy is performed when the patient is in Respiratory distress. The environment is controlled, as in an O.R., and we have all the equipment and facilities to perform this to maintain the patient with least infections as possible. Often the patient is sedated with caution because ze is often agitated.

And on a side note, you must know that the other type of Tracheostomy is the Elective Tracheostomy, where we perform it mainly as as prophylactic method in an assistance to another procedure or to maintain prolonged intubation.

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