Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Vestibular Apparatus Mnemonic

Hi everyone. This is just a short post to help you remember the functions of the Vestibular System. Memorising this always gives me a vertigo. ;)

The Vestibular System has 2 components :
1. Semicircular canals
2. Utricle and Saccule.

So the Vestibular System detects the following :

Angular Acceleration/Rotational movements.
Linear Acceleration.
Position of Head in space.

So the Semi circular canals are concerned with Angular Acceleration. You can remember that as :
Circle = Rotates ; So SCC detect Rotational movements or Angular Acceleration

The rest are functions of Utricle and Saccule.
Remember : GPL - Girls Premiere League.
For : Gravity, Position of Head and Linear acceleration.

Now  remember :
Saccule - NOT Sleeping line. So Vertical movements.
Utricle - Horizontal (since sleeping line was not Saccule it will be Utricle)
Another way would be "UHH' Utricle for Horizontal.

Hope this helped you.
Happy studying ! :)

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