Thursday, January 26, 2017

Aminoglycoside made easy, simplified and decoded!

Hey everyone!
In this post, I write about everything about Aminoglycosides antibiotic in Mnemonic form :)
First mnemonic: AMINOSIDE!

A: A is first letter so it inhibits the first step of protein synthesis

Min: Minus (Symbolic for -ve) - Negative - Acts on Gram negative bacteria

N: Nephrotoxicity
Neuromuscular blocking effect
Narrow margin of safety

O: Ototoxicity
O2 dependent uptake in Bacterial cell

Sides - Bactericidal (Like, cidal, sidel!)

Let's stress a little more on the NO part of amiNOsides!

NO - Works on Negative Organisms
No protein  synthesis
No use in pregnancy
No oral use
Not metabolised in body
No change (excreted unchanged in urine)
No mixing aminoglycosides with any other drug in same syringe / infusion bottle
No absorption
No reaction in GIT
Does not cross BBB & CCF
Does not inhibit Anaerobes

Another mnemonic: MNOPQRST
Miss reading of codon
Neuromuscular blockage
Ototoxicity, O2 dependent uptake
Porin channel needed, works on the P site of ribosome, Polar Compoun, Present in ECF only
Quite antibacterial down
Renal toxicity
Synergist with beta lactam
Thirty 30S ribosomal subunit is site of action
Teratogenic effect

Hope it helps you :)
That's all!

© Shubham Patidar
Jhalawar medical college, 2013 batch

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  1. How can aminoglycosides cause neurotoxicity?aren't they water soluble ,so why would they cross the blood brain barrier?


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