Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Basics of Immunoglobulin G

Hey  readers!! ,So I have started with immunoglobulin section where I will be putting facts about a single immunoglobulin ,so today it is IgG!.
Immunoglobulin G or IgG occupies about 80% of serum antibodies.! .It's normal concentration is about 8-16mg/ml.They are created and release by plasma B cells .
There are two unique facts about IgG
1)It's catabolism.
2)Suppression of homologus antibody synthesis by a feedback process.
What's unique in catabolism?.
Well we can say body has complete control over the catabolism and to make it simpler let's say body and IgG both acts opposite to each other !.(Just a saying :p,Infact we know IgG works for body).For example In some diseases like chronic malaria ,kala azar or myeloma IgG level rises and as we know body has complete control and it acts against it So, IgG synthesis its gonna catabolised it rapidly !
Conversely,In hypogammaglobulinemia IgG given for treatment is metabolised slowly.
Suppression of homologus antibody synthesis
IgG has another unique property of suppressing the antibody synthesis which looks like it or performs similar kind of functions or simply homologus antibody.
Now let's say IgG is quite insecure about its true but dominating love -"Body". It doesn't want any competition so it kicks away all the antibodies which looks like it or perform similar function like him
(Such a insecure antibody it is  !)and this unique property is utilised in the Iso-immunisation of a women by administration of anti-Rh(D) IgG during delivery.
Well some more characteristics of our hero IgG is
It's the only maternal immunoglobulin that is transported across placenta and provides "Natural passive immunity"in new born (Not present in infants )
It has 4 subclasses due to presence of gamma 1,gamma 2 , gamma 3 and gamma 4 chains .
IgG2=23% (By the way 23 is also half life of IgG)
Here are functions of IgG molecule

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