Sunday, January 29, 2017

Liposomal Preparations : A Quick Review

Hello everyone !
This is a short post about Liposomal delivery systems. Hope this introduces you to the concept nicely.

What are Liposomes ?
- They are vesicles made of Cell membrane phospholipids. In pharmacology, they can be used as Drug delivery systems.

What advantage does a Liposomal preparation offer in comparison to a regular preparation?
- The Liposomal preparation consists of the desired drug loaded into the Liposomal vesicle. This vesicle is resistant to degradation in the gut and can be customized to open up in selective tissues.
- Thus , it increases Bioavailability of the drug and hence , the action of the drug is more predictable and sustained !

∆ Is this even used at all? Or is it just an extra thing we learn which is never used ?

(- I'm  so glad you asked. )
Here's a list of drugs that have commercially available Liposomal preparations :

Remember : ABCD GIV

Amphotericin B
Vitamin C
Doxorubicin And Daunorubicin


- Liposomal preparations have totally revolutionised the usage of Amphotericin B! Which is the drug of choice for a host of fungal infections and even Leishmaniasis.

- With the anti cancer drugs like Doxorubicin​ , innovative methods such as targeting the drug to a specific organ have been formulated so that the cytotoxicity is limited to the organ in question only ! Thus optimizing the absorption as well as the action !

What a marvellous delivery system , isn't it ?

I hope this post helped you!
Stay awesome.

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