Monday, January 9, 2017

Microbiology of legionella mnemonic

Legionella: Facultative intracellular, gram negative rod

Pili: They are all involved in adherence and intracellular replication of L. pneumophila

Flagella: Within the host cell vacuole, legionella are nonmotile, whereas in the later stages of infection and cell lysis, legionella are flagellated and highly motile. Motility enables Legionella to escape from a spent host and facilitates its attempt to find a new host by dispersion into the environment.

Enzymes: Protects the bacteria from macropage superoxide and hydrogen peroxide oxidative burst. 
Copper, zinc superoxide dismutase (or Cu,Zn SOD)
Secretes: RNAase, phospholipase A, phospholipase C. 

Toxins: Cytotoxin kills hamster ovary cells. 

Reservoir: Air conditioning system. 
It is a ubiquitous microorganism inhabiting natural and man-made freshwater biotopes.

How to remember all this? Mnemonic diagram!

Hope that helps :)

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