Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The basics: Peptic ulcer

Peptic ulcer is excoriated area of stomach  or intestinal mucosa caused by  excessive gastric acid secretion or upper intestinal tract secretion .A type of peptic ulcer called as marginal peptic ulcer is caused during surgical process whenever there is opening made in between stomach and jejunum of small intestine like gastrojejunostomy.

Common site of peptic ulcer ?
Mostly on lesser curvature of antral end  of stomach and rarely on lower end of stomach.

Causes of peptic ulcer ?
1)Increase in acid secretion and peptic content in stomach .
2) Irritation to mucosa.
3)Poor blood supply .
4)Poor secretion of mucus.
5)Infection by H.pylori.

Treatment of peptic ulcer.
We give anti-ulcer therapy for peptic ulcer treatment
Following are goals of anti-ulcer therapy
a) Relief of pain.
b)Ulcer healing.
c)Prevention of complications.(like bleeding ,perforation)
d)Prevention of relapse.

Approach of  treatment of peptic ulcer :
(I have made some lame tricks for memorising drugs name:D ,if you have some mnemonics please comment !)
1) Decrease acid secretion :It includes total 4 categories ,they are described below .
a) H2 Anti-histamine (They all end with -tidine)
-Cimetidine .     
b)Proton -pump inhibitor.(ends with -prazole)
-Esomeprazole.(Read it as Es-omeprazole)
(Read it as Dex-rabeprazole!)
c)Anti-cholinergic drugs:
-Pirenzepine .
(Read it as Propan-the-line).
-Oxyphenonium .
d) Prostaglandin analogue:Misoprostol !
2)Neutralization of gastric acid secretion
    (Antacids) .It includes 2 categories
a) Systemic:
-Sodium bicarbonate .
-Sodium citrate.
-Magnesium hydroxide .
-Magnesium trisilicate.
-Aluminium hydroxide.
-Calcuim carbonates.
c)Ulcer protective:
-CBS (Colloidal bismuth subcitrate!).
d)Anti-H pylori drugs:



  1. Not worth sharing on this great platform. Write some mnemonic or thing which is not given in textbooks.

    - SL. :)

    1. Hey, I think it's a great summary for second year students who just want a quick review before exams and are not looking for complex answers.

      I agree it's given in most textbooks and it's too basic for those who are in final year / those who have graduated, but I wouldn't say it's not worth sharing.

      We are planning to add "The basics" tag for these articles so older med students know it's not a mnemonic / just a simple well written article by a basic sciences student. The tag will help you to skip these articles :)


  2. Sure sir ,will try to make it more simpler .Thanks for sharing your views please do comment on my upcoming blog ,it will improve me:)

  3. I agree with IkaN.. after all the basics should be clear first. So it is worth sharing. Anyways.. thanks for your feedback SL :)

    - Jas

  4. Yes, it's really a great summary.
    It's really helpful to 2nd year students like me.Thank u Ojas:) Sir

  5. Hey thank you so much ! , please call me ojas :)


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