Monday, January 9, 2017

Tetralogy of fallot

Hello  readers today's blog is small one -Fallot's tetralogy .

What is Fallot's tetralogy?
   It is a congenital disorder of heart .It is caused to foetus may be because of  alcoholic mother or who has  diabetes or may be due to rubella infection caused during pregnancy.It is caused due to deletion of chromosome 22

Signs and symptoms:-
As the name suggest ,there are four signs
All four of them are related to heart .
Mnemonic is PVR -f cinema.
-Pulmonary stenosis
-Ventricular septal defect .
-Right ventricular hypertrophy
-Over-riding of aorta ,due to which blood from both the ventricles may enter aorta.

Due to defect in heart ,there is low oxygen supply to tissue this may lead to cyanosis when there is high amount of pulmonary stenosis but when there is moderate amount of pulmonary stenosis this may lead to pink tit that is pinkish colouration of skin.There is also clubbing  .

Open heart surgery is only treatment for fallots tetralogy  .
The appropriate time for surgery depends on the pulmonary stenosis .
However patient should be on life long medication for healthy life

That's all :)
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