Friday, January 6, 2017

The basics :Parkinson's disease

Hey,Hello! awesomites ,this blog is just a small review of some old and new things I learned about Parkinson's disease.
The very first thing I learned is:- parkinson's disease and parkinsonism are two different terms !!!.
-Parkinsonism is a complex term it includes many symptoms while parkinson's disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder .
-Parkinosons disease is actually cause of parkinsonism .
       Let's start with Parkinson's disease
-Main cause is decrease dopamine secretion in body mainly due to injury to substantia nigra which sends dopamine secreting nerve fibers to caudate nucleus and putamen.
Signs and symptoms:
- Characteristics features is tremors .Tremors occurs during all walking hours and therefore it is a type of involuntary tremor in case of cerebellar disease there is an intension tremor because tremors are seen when patient perform any work.
-Also  festinant gait is found
-Akinesia is also seen
-Lead-pipe rigidity is seen earlier in hands and legs followed by neck and trunk.

-Any  serious injury that affects dopamine secretion !
-Also some medication which decreases dopamine secretion or blocks dopamine receptors.
-Apart from that certain drugs also induces Parkinson's disease  like drugs used to treat schizophrenia and other neuroleptic drugs like
Apart  neuroleptic drugs,others drugs  like prochlorperazine,metoclopramide.
Also calcuim channel blockers causes Parkinson's

Drug induced Parkinson's remains same ,it doesn't progress

Categories of drugs used for treatment of parkinsonism:-
-Dopamine agonist.
-COMI inhibitors.


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