Monday, January 23, 2017

The Burkholderian Culture : From the Authors' Diary

Hello everyone ! I'm A.P.Burkholderia , and I'm back with another post
Now a lot of people have been asking me why my name is that. Some have assumed it's my actual surname (Like our very own IkaN, but that's a whole 'nother story) while others have unraveled the mystery of the Burkholderian terminology (Like the ardent PSM-proponent Jay ). So before any more of you are boggled by this Burkholderian business I figured let's talk about why this organism is fancy enough to earn the charm of being my pen-surname. :P
So Burkholderia is a Gram negative rod. And it is one of a kind - Cause It's a Non Fermenter ! So if you were to make a TSI plate it would give you alkaline in the slant as well as the butt (LOL). Only few other organisms like Pseudomonas and Acinetobacter are non fermenters. So it's a total Aerobe and it can be checked with "High and Leifson Oxidation Fermentation media". Another cool name :D 
It's got 3 different types : 
B. cepacia 
B. mallei 
B. pseudomallei.
Now I love how it's called "Mallei". In Hindi 'Malai' means 'Milk Skin'. I find that hilarious. 
Also, 'Mai Lai' means 'I shall bring '. I find that really funny too. ( Burkholderia , Main Laiii !)
But other than that , it's a pretty serious bug. 
It causes Cepacia syndrome in Cystic Fibrosis,  which presents as a form of Bronchiectasis or Serious pneumonia. 
It can cause Meiloidosis which has a presentation similar to TB and another one called 'Glanders'. 
It shows a safety pin appearance when seen under the microscope on staining with Geimsa. 
Other than this , it's a very hard big to get rid of. 
It's almost resistant to all antibiotics and only the Carbapenems may work ! 
So this is why I love this bug. 
It's cool , it's classy and it's hard to get. :p 
Other than that , I love saying the name! *Burkholderia* 
I might do a video some day on this :p and how to say it right. 
Till then , Ciao! 
Stay awesome. 
*Burkholderia out*

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