Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fact of the day: Talking to yourself is a sign of smartness

"Look at that guy, roaming around here and there in the marketplace, muttering words and talking to himself. He seems totally insane. Doesn't he?"

But actually, talking to yourself helps your brain to work more efficiently. (Not always a sign of psychosis! :D )

There are four types of self - talk that make you feel smarter and better about yourself:
- Complimentary
- Motivational
- Making choices and decisions
- Goal- setting

In short, our outer - voice helps the inner - brain to solve the problems more efficiently and smartly.

This is why, when we communicate intrapersonally while revising subjects, it helps us to memorize better for the exams.

It doesn't mean you talk to yourself in public places unaware of the people around you :P
Just, you know, self talk in private is gooood!

Did you know? Albert Einstein wasn't very social in his youth. He preferred talking to himself to solve his problems and take decisions.

That's all!
- Jaskunwar Singh


  1. "Why do you talk to yourself, Les?"
    "Because I like talking to smart people and I like listening to smart people talk" :P

    It's from a Les Brown talk xD

    1. Exactly. Its like dealing with a better class of people, with the universe itself. :D

  2. Grateful as I am for the extraordinarily valuable posts , please allow me to humbly offer a simple correction of grammar that frequently appears on the site; the misuse of the word "take" rather than "make." One "makes" a decision, not "takes" a decision. These small (incorrect but insignificant) quirks in usage are irksome to the ear of native speakers.

    1. Decision- making is a process that happens over a period of time. Decision- taking is a sense of finality, a commitment to one thing. So the use of words is correct in this post.
      Anyways, thanks for your appreciation and feedback :)


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