Friday, February 17, 2017

Picks disease mnemonic


After my infinite struggle, I think I have finally found a way to remember it :D
Picks disease mnemonic: PFT (Pulmonary function test)
Picks Fronto Temporal - Picks disease is frontotemporal dementia
Personality Fucked Totally up - For personality changes (Elaborated below)
Pausing Faltering Talks - For language changes (Elaborated below)

Personality changes in Picks disease are:
Disinhibition, Apathy, Compulsiveness (Peculiar eating habits, Hyperorality), Impulsive activities, Inappropriate social behavior.

Language changes in Picks disease are:
Expressive aphasia, Receptive aphasia

Visuospatial functions remain intact.

That's all!
I have been so tired lately :(


  1. Picks acts like prick (To remember behavioral changes)

  2. Life saver! This question appeared on my exam yesterday and I had no idea about it except those from this post!

    Keep rocking!


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