Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Hello awesomites !It's been long time that I haven't written anything due to exam pressure =). Let's start with today's simple topic.

What is scoliosis?

-It's a disorder in which spine has sideways curve like "C" or "S" .It may increases or remain same.Patient usually suffers from breathing problems ,constipation due to tightened organs.
-Factors causing scoliosis are mainly genetic though environmental factors may cause scoliosis.
-Diagnosis is mainly by Plain X-ray.


-Current methods requires surgery to adjust growth rods every 6 months .This may require 8 to 10 procedures in total.

What is MAGEC rods ?

-MAGnetic Expansion Control rods are used as non-invasive adjustments.
Surgeons can lengthen the rods using a Handle-held external magnet.It takes 15 minutes and is performed every 3-6 months .It is also cost effective.Once a surgeon implants the device it's easy to use by remote.
MAGEC is used in children's (normally under 10 age) with severe spine deformity .

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